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A Review by Ruth Hessey

This lively lovingly fashioned tale of the brokering of a marriage takes place amidst the ruins of a country impoverished by decades of war. Despite the sombre undertones, there is a brisk upbeat momentum to Love Marriage in Kabul largely inspired by the machinations of Mahboba, a Sydney based Afghan who is constantly hustling funds to run her orphanage and several schools in Kabul, but still finds the fire and the brimstone to percolate this marriage. Dir Amin Palangi admits the larger themes, but cleverly keeps the engine of his story purring around its central characters: the would-be groom, the people who try to help him, and the woebegone girl-bride, held to ransom, as women are all over the world, by desperate men chasing cash. A small miracle points to the possibility of much larger ones, and the film takes on the rosy lustre of a folk tale, continuing its sacred journey from one generation to the next.

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